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Hi, I am metalune, an oldschool web wizard. My real name is Fabian and I am from Germany. This is my homepage on which I have my Blog which is my emotional online diary. I love FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), I like music, and I like talking to other people.
I'm an explorer, I like to explore different minds(ets) and looking at things from the perspective of others.
I strive to be different, I've always wanted to be special, different from others, sticking out from the masses.

My Blog

This a rather emotional Blog, I tend to only write posts when I'm feeling particularly bad. I write this blog so I can put my thoughts and feelings out there and learn how to handle them better.




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My Dreams

This is a collection of interesting dreams I had that I wanted to write down and share with the world.



How to give constructive feedback on code

Just telling someone that their code sucks, is not gonna improve their code.

If you want to tell someone that their code is bad, explain why, provide examples how to do it better and then explain why your examples are better.
If you cannot provide that, then don't give feedback at all.
Expect the other person to be a beginner, expect them to ask you questions why exactly their code is bad, and be ready to answer those the best you can.
Be friendly, telling someone that their code is absolute dogshit is just gonna make them feel bad, and won't exactly make them eager to improve it, but rather,
close the chat window or go away. Instead say something like "This is bad, it is bad because ... and here is how you could improve it"

Weird Quotes

My non biological brother, it appears my biological mass is immense enough that i have caught myself in a circular hole that's normally reserved for clothing, and if you use your observation skills wisely, you may notice that my posterior area is fully visible from where you're standing, so if you'd be so kind as to aid me to break free, or perhaps you do as you please with my currently stuck body

What I aspire to be

This is a list (or will become one) of thoughts and quotes that describes what I aspire to become

Anna spoke not only naturally and intelligently, but intelligently and casually, without attaching any value to her own thoughts, yet giving great value to the thoughts of the one she was talking to. - Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Something interesting to watch

Great Shows

This is a list of Movies and TV Shows that I enjoyed a lot. They are not in any particular order.


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Note: most of these were recommended to me, by putting anything on this list does not imply that I am personally invested in it.

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If you want to comment on any blog post of mine or just casually chat with me, feel free to My E-Mail and XMPP are both self-hosted at me [at]


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