Nothing lasts forever

Today I want to talk about the fact that nothing lasts forever, and why it doesn't make doing anything not worth doing. I see many people my age (teens) struggle with the fact that nothing will last forever, every relationship is going to break someday, everybody is going to die, every building is going to be destroyed and someday, you won't be remembered anymore. This does not make it not worth doing. There is a german saying that goes something like this "The journey is the goal" (Der Weg ist das Ziel) and there is a lot of truth to it, the point is, you don't go on a journey to reach the goal, well, you do, but in the end what matters is the journey to it. You can also see it like this, if you wouldn't have to go on a journey to reach the goal, then, at least to most people I know, it wouldn't seem worth doing. There are no stakes in reaching that goal. If you wouldn't have to do anything to reach any goal, then life would be truly pointless, aside from love, maybe, not sure about that one yet.

Let me tell you about a Minecraft Server, 2B2T, I've never played on it, only heard the stories. It's an anarchy. everybody can build and destroy everything. One might think "Why would I build something if just an hour later somebody could just destroy it" but contrary to that, there are some of the most awesome and hugest buildings and structures I've ever seen on there. They sometimes took months to build, and by now.. they're probably mostly gone. This is just the cycle of life, creation and destruction. The builders probably won't profit off of it in any way, shape or form (not financially) yet they most likely had tons of fun building it anyway, and they don't regret doing so.

Life is not about staying in one place and never moving, it's about moving on.

"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"

If you read it to the end, thank you. Have a nice day :)


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