Living with a dumbphone.

Today I wanted to write about my life without a smartphone, instead I use a Sony Ericsson C902 as my daily driver, I gotta say, I love the way the phone looks, and works. It has so much charme and so much care was taken in the design, I love that it looks like a phone James Bond would use, it was released in 2008 at the same time that the James Bond movie of that time was released (I forgot it's name) and accordingly also has ships with some James Bond themes.

Anyway, let's talk about the transition period. It was immediate, I had already stopped using phone-dependant messengers such as WhatsApp a few weeks prior so there was no problem to just using Telegram from my computer. Aside from my parents complaining to me that they couldn't reach me whenever they wanted by sending me a text-message the biggest problem was getting used to the silence. I used to always watch YouTube videos while eating my breakfast alone, I was used to that, I had done it at least for the past 6 years of my life, so essentially ever since I had a smartphone. It was rough at first, I was bored a lot, and I didn't like it at all, I was tempted many times to just pick up my old smartphone and watch YouTube videos there JUST for breakfast, pinkypromise. I did that a few times, but luckily my phone died one day so I was forced to rely on my dumbphone all the time, no more watching YouTube, and eventually I got used to it.

At that time I still went to school and I had to drive 30-minutes there every day, I used to just listen to music while I was doing that but I realized that I don't want that anymore, I don't want to be distracted anymore while I'm out in the public, eiter I'm talking to somebody, or I'm open for conversation. I want to look as inviting for a conversation as possible, that means, no endless-looking-into-a-smartphone and no headphones-and-staring-out-of-the-window because from my experience these things make you look busy, and nobody wants to disturb somebody that's busy doing something. So I want to look like I'm not busy at all, I want to look approachable.

All in all, I believe that as long as you don't rely on things such as WhatsApp or similar for your work/school, it is totally possible to live without a smartphone these days. Of course there will be some people who will be upset that they can only call you or send you an SMS, but those people who stay will be worth it. Like somebody else sometime said, maybe "It's a good filter rather than a bad barrier"

For everybody who made it this far, I know that I kinda drifted off but I don't want to take that part out because I still think that it's important, even if not entirely on-topic. Have a nice day :)


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