Consider picking a job that doesn't leave you completely exhausted when you come home.

Today I want to talk about why you should probably consider a job that doesn't completely exhaust you when you come home. Simply because you want to have the mental capacity to talk to your loved ones which might have a problem. Let me give you an example from my life: Yesterday morning I fought with my mother because of something rather silly that I don't want to get into now, then I went to work and I forgot about it, this day at work was really exhausting and I came home, and wasn't up for doing anything other but going to my bed and sleeping. Yet my mother was still there and wanted to talk about what happened in the morning because she felt bad and I should've felt bad too but I was too tired to worry about it. So we didn't really end up talking about it that day. So I thought to myself that this must be a really shitty and toxic situation for people who come home exhausted from work everyday, I imagine this is the way that people get divorced, because their wifes/husbands don't feel like they get the attention they deserve and need. So if we all pay attention to that when picking a job, then maybe we could all live a happier private life. A life where you got enough time and patience for your loved ones. After all, they are the ones we do all this work for, aren't they? Yet they aren't there to get the fruits of our work, but they are here for us. So make sure that they get enough of us when they need us. Have a nice day :)


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