Looking back on getting off my pills.

Today I want to take a look back at how I changed since I stopped taking my pills approximately 8 months ago. The biggest difference is probably my large dip in my ability to concentrate on things for long periods of time (who would've thought), it used to be much worse at the beginning but it's already gotten way better and I'm positive that within a few years I'll be on a very good level again.

Another big change was going from being pretty much introverted, to very extroverted, I suddenly needed to have people around me all the time and I couldn't stand being alone anymore. This caused a lot of sadness because well.. I wasn't around people I wanted to talk to at that time, most of the time. But this is getting better as well, as I noticed just yesterday where I was essentially forced to be alone again and ... I gotta say, it was chill, it wasn't like the other times where I would just be sad, instead I was .. just fine, just vibing, not even had music on most of the time, but I just felt comfortable. This may have something to do with the fact that I know there are people who I can actually talk to, but they're just not available right now.

A minor, but notable change is how I started getting more interested in other things outside of programming and philosophy. I am not exactly sure wether this is related to me getting off my pills, but I'm pretty sure that it's at least a side effect. I have even started learning piano just out of curiosity and I'm maybe, just maybe, getting interested in a little bit of sports.

I know it ain't much, but they've been very notable and I wanted to mention them somewhere, maybe I'll do another one of these further down the road. Have a nice day :)


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