I don't need her.

She has hurt me, in a way that she shouldn't have. It hurt so bad that it stopped hurting at all. She hasn't left me, but it feels as though she did. I cared so much that I stopped caring. I don't need her anymore, I am stronger than before, I will take the experience and learn from it. I won't leave her, I will give her another chance, not because she deserves it, but because I don't want to let her go that easily. She didn't even do something that would sound all that bad, she didn't betray me or anything. She just told me that if I couldn't cope with her personality I should leave, when I asked her to not forget about me while her friends are around, she knew how I would react to that. It broke my heart and she left not caring and left me to sit through one mental breakdown after another. I asked her for nothing more but 5 minutes, and she denied it. That day when I listened to music with some friends, it lifted the weight of worry from my heart which I usually only get from talking about it with her, but this time it wasn't because the problem was resolved or anything, but because I stopped caring about it. It feels like we surpassed the point of forgiveness. It doesn't feel like it can ever be like it was before, I don't think I could ever love her like I did before. And I don't need to.


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