Metalune's Glog

This is a rather emotional Glog, I tend to only write posts when I'm feeling particularly bad. I write this glog so I can put my thoughts and feelings out there and learn how to handle them better.

Just for clarification, I call it 'Glog' because 'Blog' is a trunctation of 'Weblog' therefore a 'Geminilog' is a 'Glog', at least in my mind.

16.12.2021 I hate sexual desire.

28.11.2021 I want nobody but her.

27.11.2021 I don't need her.

22.10.2021 The world is just too much.

21.10.2021 Tell you that I love you.

15.10.2021 I am ready to take on jealousy.

06.10.2021 I'm thriving

27.09.2021 I want to bang my head against the wall.

07.09.2021 I want to cry out loud but I don't know what about.

21.08.2021 I have nothing.

12.08.2021 Unnnamed Post

23.07.2021 Consider picking a job that doesn't leave you completely exhausted when you come home.

22.07.2021 Be careful so you don't get used to your loved ones.

18.07.2021 Don't strive to be better than others, strive to be good.

29.06.2021 What makes a wise man.

16.06.2021 What is love

15.06.2021 Nothing lasts forever

14.06.2021 I can't stay alone for even an afternoon without feeling incredibly lonely.

29.04.2021 Doing Great.

25.04.2021 Looking back on getting off my pills.

24.04.2021 Getting off my masturbation routine.

20.04.2021 Living with a dumbphone.

09.04.2021 It's time to take a step back.

04.04.2021 The phrase "I think I am in the wrong generation."

24.03.2021 Emotions.

20.03.2021 I want to taste freedom.

19.03.2021 I'm getting too much praise than is healthy for my ego.

18.03.2021 I don't want to be arroused anymore.

03.03.2021 Getting back in touch with reality

16.02.2021 I don't think I want to work in the Tech Industry.

14.02.2021 Why you should value intent over word.

07.02.2021 You will be forgotten.

06.02.2021 If you are concerned about your privacy, then why are you using FAANG?

03.02.2021 Physical money is gonna go away ;-;

01.02.2021 My experience with social media.

31.01.2021 You don't have to be offended.

30.01.2021 Dealing with anger, and how I got over it.

29.01.2021 Losing Everything

18.01.2021 Note for future me, a reminder of who you used to be

17.01.2021 Being proven wrong is the best thing that can happpen to you, learn how to handle it

16.01.2021 16th January 2021

03.01.2021 3rd January 2021

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