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2020-12-08 - Patchs pour Elpher

2020-12-03 - Découterte de Gemini

This Gemlog follow the Subscribing to Gemini pages[1] companion specification, what would allow you to subscribe to it.

[1] Subscribing to Gemini pages


As a Ruby enthusiast, I already begin to work on gemini support inside the URI::* and the Net::* stack and already provide a gem (see how ruby is perfect for Gemini environment?) for it: ruby-net-text (I plan to include Gopher and finger support in it).

More info on the Net::Gemini library

I’m also the author of a Gemini server in Ruby named *Diamant*. You can find out more bellow. Diamant is the server powering this capsule, thus if you can read this line, it’s working 👌

More info on the Diamant Gemini server

I also maintain some notes on how better integrate Gemini ecosystem to GNU/Emacs (thanks to the Elpher client[1] and gemini-mode[2]).

GNU/Emacs and Gemini

[1] Elpher client (GOPHER)

[2] gemini-mode (HTTPS)

Neighbors discovering

I'm participating in the LEO orbit[1]. You can either try to visit previous capsule[2], next capsule[3], or a random capsule[4] to discover others work.

[1] LEO orbit

[2] previous capsule

[3] next capsule

[4] random capsule



📅 mardi 8 décembre 2020 à 08:50

📝 Étienne Deparis with GNU/Emacs 27.1 (Org mode 9.4)

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