I have a tinylog now

For when I just want to put a quick thought out there without committing to making a whole blog post, I now have a tinylog on my Gemini capsule:


(One day maybe I'll simplify the URL to just locrian.zone, since it's not like I really publish anything on the web. But that requires *effort*.)

When Endwalker drops, maybe I'll start a separate tinylog on vath.click just for live"tweeting" about that. (Separate issue: Should we still call it "tweeting" when it's not on Twitter? Diluting the meaning of Twitter's brand vs. lending it credence. Unsure.)

EDIT: Okay I decided to just do that now:

So I can scream into the void without clogging up anyone's tinylog reader if you'd rather just follow my other one




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