Vermont sourdough

Baked on 26th November 2020

Based on a recipe from the book 'Bread' by Jeffrey Hamelman. The amounts may seem odd because this is an American book and I converted to metric from pounds and ounces. These weights yield one loaf.

At the moment, I only have Canadian bread flour on hand. Bread flour has been in short supply for months due to COVID-19 and at the time I ordered it's what was available. The high protein of this flour really demands more water than the original recipe (65% hydration), so I aimed for about 75% hydration.

Liquid levain

Mixed 13 hours before use.

Final mix



I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. There's a too-large bubble in the middle of the loaf but otherwise it's great. It has good texture and flavour and a better shape than most my attempts at 75% hydration.


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