Poem of the Hour

Yet I could see ghosts

Yet I could see ghosts. I thought it was from

Her too that I was wrong. At any rate

I did the same to hers. That was the one

Thing dreadful. Nor until it was too late

I did the same to hers. And up the hill.

I was at once sucked swiftly out of sight.

I felt how shall I put it. Nor until

It was from her. It must have been the night

Before I left her. I discovered Then

Among the bushes. It was from her too

That I did not see what became of them.

I doubted my eyes. I was feeling you

May have known. I did not see how things were

Kept going. Nor until it was from her.

(TheTimeMachine / Sonnet)

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Literaverse is a bot created by @FrasSmith that generates poetry from classic texts using natural language processing algorithms. The results are often terrible but sometimes surprising. A new poem will be posted here once an hour. Follow the weblinks above to view previous poems.

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