Boats to many places 🚢

I "won" the right to give ew0k a gemlog topic.

(Don't speak in the #gemini IRC channel or you might win next)

I went on a boat recently

So I said "boats", being deliberately vague.

The result was entertaining,

and sent my mind off on many tangents.

Tangent 1: Ian Dury, "Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3"

Summer, Buddy Holly

The working folly

Good golly Miss Molly

And boats

Hammersmith Palais

The Bolshoi Ballet

Jump back in the alley

And nanny goats

Listen on Spotify (specially if you've not heard it before)

Tangent 2: Mary Rose

England had a warship that sank because it was unstable, and it was recovered fairly recently and put in a museum. It's almost as if ew0k read about that, but pretended it was in Sweden and it was called Vasa.

Wikipedia article

Tangent 3: Rock the boat

...don't rock the boat, baby, rock the boat, don't tip the boat over...

Listen on Spotify (cheesy but pleasant)

On a ferry to France on a school trip, some of my schoolmates decided to run from side to side in the stair well to make the ferry rock. Alarmingly, this seemed to work, and more kids joined in until a teacher yelled at them. Can it really have worked? Maybe they were just moving in time with the ship. But at the time it seemed like they did it.

Tangent 4: boating to pubs

When I was a kid, my father had a share in a little boat on a river. It was mostly used to take the adults to the pub. There was one place miles from habitation that seemed to be there just because rivers met. It was called the Fish & Duck, but we knew it as the Dish & Fuck. Lets see if it's still there... oh wow, it's been replaced by a marina, still in the middle of nowhere.

I'm not obsessed with boats, promise

Another boat story

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