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I'm interested in tech, software development, tabletop gaming, video gaming and gardening and sustainability.

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2021-12-17 nb is my favourite note taking tool.

2021-12-07 It's alive! DIY PDA Update

2021-10-08 First thoughts on a Palm Pilot in 2021 and DIY PDA update

2021-10-05 First steps towards an Open Pda

2021-09-01 Garden Update

2021-07-30 Adventures In Coffee Roasting

2020-10-11 Spring Garden Update

2020-09-14 Thoughts on lowering caffeine intake

2020-08-23 RE: Consuming less content

2020-08-11 What's in your pockets?

2020-08-04 How I manage podcasts

2020-08-02 On returning to rock climbing

2020-07-31 [ANN] GemRing

2020-07-28 Hi

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I can be contacted via email at jake@rmgr.dev or on the Fediverse at



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