On returning to rock climbing

Rock climbing has been a huge part of my life for years. In September of last year I broke my ankle (in a rock climbing fall actually) which put me out of action. As I was starting to return to the sport my (now) wife and I were preparing to get married. In March, old mate Covid-19 then smashed through and put my climbing career on ice again. I had great plans to train hard through the quarantine/lockdown period which didnt really pan out. (I got really in to trail running so I was at least keeping fit I guess!)

Typically my group go climbing on Sunday mornings and I've started quite liking my lazy sunday mornings but I decided that given the amazing weather we had today, I'd go out and show my face. All in all, I climbed a few routes which I'm familiar with and had a go at something I've never tried (it did not go well) but it was a great experience. I think I'm starting to feel the fire for training again.

It's good to be back.


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