Thoughts on lowering caffeine intake

I like espresso. A lot. I'm that guy. I have an espresso machine at home and have aftermarket grind distributors and scales and the whole shebang. For the last couple of years since buying my espresso machine, I've been drinking double shots primarily because they extract better and thus taste better. Since the Coronavirus has sent most of the tech world home, I've been drinking far more double espressos than normal. Incidentally I've also been feeling more and more exhausted and burned out by the end of the workday.

For the last week, I've been cutting my caffeine intake in half, essentially having a single shot each drink rather than a double. I'm definitely noticing a difference in my energy levels. Mornings hurt a little more but I feel more level throughout the day.

It has introduced a bit of difficulty in dialling in espresso shots though. I need to figure out how to dial it in economically.

Overall I think it's definitely worth sucking it up and cutting down sometimes.


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