September Garden Update

So I started a bunch of cherry tomatoes from seed from last season's fruit a month or so back to try and get a jump on the growing season. That has not worked out and most of the tomatoes are dead.

On the upside, the habanero and jalapeno chillis and bigger tomato varieties appear to be growing well! I'll be able to transition them to pots and then the garden bed soon! I've started a new batch of cherry tomatoes so we'll see how those go!

On the store bought seedlings front, I've planted a bunch of kale, sweet corn, capsicum, strawberry, spinach, zucchini, dill and cucumber around my main bed. I'm going for a sort of chaotic winner takes all approach this season and I've just kind of whacked them in haphazardly to see what likes which position.

I planted sorrel a good three months ago and it's done absolutely nothing so far. We've had some warm weather recently though which seems to have kicked it's arse into gear!. Our silverbeet plants are starting to get out of control so I'll have to do a bulk harvest of that and blanch/freeze it soon.

Thanks to old mate coronavirus, I've been working from home a lot of this year which has meant a lot of gardening on my lunch break which has been absolutely wonderful!

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