Side Projects

This is a list of stuff I'm tinkering with at the moment.

Open PDA

Super duper ambitious, totally unreasonably scoped hardware project to build my own Palm Pilot. I don't know much about hardware, I don't know anything about embedded software. How hard could it be?

Completed Projects


I've been playing some of the Ironsworn RPG solo by SSHing to a server and recording my progress with Vim. Solo play is heavily reliant on random tables so I decided to try my hand at this C programming language I keep hearing about and write a little utility to roll random tables for me.

Shelved Projects

Top Down Stealth Game

A top down perspective stealth game where the player can teleport and telekinetically manipulate the environment. Most of the systems are in. Now i actually need to make levels and a character that I don't hate.


Sort of pokemon style top down game. So unbelievably scope creepy and ambitious that it'll never ever be anywhere near finished but its been fun to build different systems for it.

Rust Roguelike

Following along with the book Hands On Rust: Effective Learning through 2D Game Development and Play mainly. Partly to learn Rust, partly to scratch my gamedev itch without needing to do graphics.

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