Upcoming changes to MoonGem

Posted on Thursday October 21, 2021

I'm in the process of overhauling significant portions of my Gemini server software, MoonGem.

I've set up a self-hosted git repository with a cgit frontend, and moved the code over there.

The big changes are:

By way of demonstrating the changes to the scripting conventions, here's what MoonGem's Lua scripts currently look like:

And here's that same functionality, updated to be more usable and idiomatic:

Notable changes are the fact that script start/end delimiters no-longer have to be on their own lines, and that API methods are now all held within a common "mg" table as opposed to the awkward syntax of having to use "BODY", "HEAD", etc.

I'm still ironing out some memory errors related to script parsing in my free time, and after that I have to clean-up the in-progress clutter and build a test suite. I'll post something to the mailing list when I've got a release ready and tagged.

- panda-roux -

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