2021-10-23: Dreams

I was once told that not many people remember their dreams but since so many of mine have been committed to long term memory I thought I'd write some down.

The park

I'm alone, stood in a narrow park. The sky is blood red with black clouds, the noise of a door slamming draws my attention to a house at the other end of the park. As I near the house it's noticeably burnt, with embers still drifting out the front door. Inside is a single charred sofa in the middle of the main room, and on the sofa a girl. Paper white and eyes like ice, crying tears of blood. I stand on some glass, shattering it. She goes from sitting to standing without moving and looks me in the eyes. I wake up.


I drift off to sleep but feel like I've woken up, looking down at myself from the ceiling of my bedroom. A light glows around my head and my body starts rising to meet me in the middle of the room. Everything goes black and I find myself led down. I see tree canopy silhouetted by moonlight. The only sound is the wind through the leaves overhead. I get up, brush myself off and start walking towards the moon, but a cloud covers it and everything is plunged into blackness. My feet start feeling wet and I trip into a shallow pool. The moon comes back and I follow the ripples with my eyes. On the other side of the pool is a white stag, glowing in the moonlight. It looks at me, slowly turns and walks away. I scramble up to follow it, but wake up.

Star voyage

I'm in the middle of a busy city, everything looks oversaturated with blown out colours. I pass a tram and an old theatre and see a steam paddle ship at the docks. I get on the ship and it sets off down a canal and out onto a big lake surrounded by heathland. Night falls and I can see stars reflected in the still lake surface. I lean back against the railings of the ship but fall over, instead of hitting water I drift down into the stars, watching the ship grow more distant. I wake up.

Other hypnogogic events

Shadow person

I slowly woke to see a tall still shadow in the corner of my room. It looked roughly human-shaped, I threw back my blanket and got up, it walked slowly through my closed door. I ran for the door and swung it open to catch the shadow walking down the stairs and through the front door of the house.


Me and mum were up late watching TV. Mum drifts off to sleep on the sofa so I head for the stairs to go to bed, but there's a large wolf sat on the landing. I try to scream but nothing comes out, the wolf looks at me. I wake up in bed the next morning not remembering what happened since.

Red people

Nan was visiting and I was upstairs in my room playing. Mum calls me down to see nan but I trip on the stairs and fall. I look up into the room where my family should have been but see these tall, thin creatures with Red skin stretched tight over bone and large sunken black eyes. One asks if I'm OK in a voice that sounded like Nan's through an intercom with a dying battery. I try and run back up the stairs but everything goes black.


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