An Inconsistent Universe

Hi I'm left_adjoint and welcome to my geminispace capsule! Currently hosted on a little rpi3 plugged into my router.

If you're here you're probably at least a little familiar with Gemini

Gemini site linked for good measure

Current writing

Essays that started out being mirrored from my website but now stand alone

Well-typed in an Inconsistent Universe

And here's my gemlog that's where I'm posting more of my thoughts on technology, philosophy, what I'm reading, &c.

less formal gemlog

Finally, here's my phlog that's the most personal and unfiltered of my writing on the smol internet

My Phlog hosted on

Contacting me

Probably the best way to email me these days is my

My rawtext address

Gemini Orbit

This site is a part of the LEO orbit (like a webring but for gemini!)

More info on LEO here

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Random Page

Spaces I'm no longer active on

When I was first getting into gemini I split my presence between a bunch of different spaces. I've pared it down to just my own server, at this point.

Here's my space on solderpunk's server

My main-ish gemini site

Here's my old blog at

The main site

My personal rambly blog

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