I'm not entirely sure I'll use this. I found out about the Gemini protocol by chance. A tweet by Catalin Cimpanu lead me to a blog post by Drew DeVault. In the blog post, Drew said

This is why I'm throwing my weight behind Gemini, a protocol which is much simpler than the web, and which you can implement yourself in a weekend.

The idea of a protocol that's much simpler than the web, less corporate, less commercial seemed very appealing. Three days later, I'm running a small Gemini server and saying hello. I did some looking around for a server that I could run, but after taking a look at what's available, it would be safer to write my own server that only does exactly what I want it to. The source code is available on Github.

The Tweet from Catalin Cimpanu

The Post from Drew DeVault

The Melchior Gemini Server


2020-11-28 - Postfix Postqueue Parser

2020-11-14 - Sandboxing with systemd

2020-11-02 - Testing with Gemini Diagnostics

2020-11-01 - Creating a Basic Gemini Server

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2019-02-14 - O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2019



gemini@j4.is is probably the best place to email me. I exist on social media as well


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I felt like I needed some ASCII art to really bring things together on this page:

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