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Welcome to my geminispace! Here I write about interesting things, free from the constraints of the World Wide Web.


2021-02-08 - Nowhere

2021-02-06 - Boycotting FOSS

2021-02-05 - Thoughts

2020-12-09 - The Rowboat - an allegory

2020-11-25 - Hello, Gemini!


Various ideas for programming projects


Here are some books converted to plain text that you can read and download via Gemini.

Warning: these are large files and your client may want to download the file rather than display them.

For a start, here are two classic and contrasting works:

Adam Smith - The Wealth of Nations

Karl Marx - Capital: Volume 1

In the future, I may make a program that organizes books and serves them over Gemini. It would be simple for anyone to use to share their favorite (public domain) books.

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