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My gemlog. Welcome!

This gemlog contains both gemini-exclusive posts, as well as posts that are available on my website.

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All post dates are relative to the America/Toronto timezone.


2021-10-04 - How to create Windows EXEs for Python on Linux, using PyInstaller and WINE

2021-03-19 - NFTs

2021-02-12 - Ditherpunk 2 — beyond 1-bit

2021-01-29 - Don't use the LGPL for Go code

2020-12-20 - Amfora v1.7.0 released, with subscriptions!

2020-11-16 - RE: Is This Aggregator Idea Good?

2020-11-13 - Introduction to Go Modules

2020-08-09 - Emojis for favicons (response to Hannu)

2020-08-02 - Personal Feeds (response to Solderpunk)

2020-07-06 - OpenSSL commands for Gemini

2020-07-05 - Another idea for TOFU

2020-07-03 - TOFU Recommendations

2020-06-20 - Five answers

2020-06-11 - CHAZ

2020-06-02 - Re: Replies in Geminispace

2020-05-21 - First post... with likes and comments!

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