Last updated: 2020-11-23

Newest ones are always at the top, and any one-liner without a source was written by me.

Molly Brown stats

Now that my server uses Molly Brown, here is how the stats are created for the

stats page.

Total number of visits:

Number of unique visitors (by IP):

Jetforce stats one-liners

I used to use these on my stats page. You can see the old script here:


Note that these assume use of Linux and systemd.

All visits, from first to last:

Number of unique visitors:

Total number of visits:

Last server start:


These stats are only accurate for as long as your system keeps logs for. Mine seems to keep them for only 7 days, which is likely the Debian default.

C program song

A one-liner that compiles a C program that when run and piped into `aplay`, will play a pretty good song. Make sure to put your volume at like 50%. This is pretty crazy to me, and it sounds good too! Try running it without piping aplay at the end too, to learn a bit more about how it works

Source - I didn't write this one :)

Proxied content from gemini:// (external content)

Gemini request details:

Original URL
Status code
text/gemini; lang=en
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Be advised that no attempt was made to verify the remote SSL certificate.