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private email: alex@nytpu.com

@nytpu@tilde.zone on mastodon

gpg key

fingerprint: 43A5 890C EE85 EA1F 8C88 9492 ECCD C07B 337B 8F5B


I'm on Retroshare! Contact me via any of these other methods if you'd like to exchange certs.

@nytpu on aether



check me out on gopher (i have nothing there though…)

faq about me

q: why are you so self-deprecating?

a: because it's true

q: why are you obsessed with such weird things?

a: because i'm a crazy person

q: why do you use gemini?

a: well if you're reading this then you're using it too, and are probably pretty far down the rabbit hole to find me, so you probably already know the most common answers to that


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