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I currently have two bots that will post an animal picture once a day: Cheetahs and Snow Leopards.

The cheetah one came first, and I posted manually for ~100 days and then I hacked together a bot to post for me. I still manually find and download images (around seven to fifteen at a time), then manually caption them and rsync them to my server. All the bot does is posts them on time because I was really bad about that when I do it manually.

The bot is posting at the following places:


The source code is also available

I just recently (2021-09-22) set up a Snow Leopard a day bot! It's a lot more automated though, there are no captions and the posts were all downloaded from Wikimedia Commons rather than me manually going on image search to find them. I did manually scroll through them all and remove low-quality and unrelated images though. Also unlike the cheetah bot is the snow leopard bot is a one-shot, I'm loading in this set of images and that's it rather than continually finding new ones. I do have 737 images though so it's not like it won't be a while :P

It posts in the following places:


The source code is derived from the cheetah bot's

Also available is the source code for my Wikimedia Commons scraper

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