As previously announced, I have been working on an oracle program called Peptalk. Now it's available for download.

This is a very simple C program that should be easy to compile. It runs on the command line. Invoke it, and it responds with quirky and absurd admonitions or words of wisdom. All instructions you need to get the most out of it can be found in the README file.

The program is licenced with Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) rather than one of the GNU GPL or similar licences because it seems more fitting for a work of generative poetry and art as this is.

Sample outputs

The Oracle may engage in a kind of dialog depending on how you talk to it. Often it will come up with proverbs, adages, or nonsense messages. Sometimes it prints ascii art, or suggests patterns of notes, or internet links to places that probably don't exist.

Generative text:

Imitate your mirror image for a second.
Stop immediately if you don't notice any difference!


(Schematic rendering of the worani.)

Or one-liners such as:

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