This is my small personal capsule. A space to play around with Gemini and maybe to share some ideas that are less polished than what I would publish on other spaces.


2021-01-20 — A Few Month With Gemini

2020-11-02 — My thoughts on Jason Shiga's Meanwhile

2020-08-16 — Labyrinth II

2020-07-11 — Request for Suggestions: Terminal Games

2020-07-08 — Updated Gemserv Setup

2020-06-19 — 5 Answers to 5 Questions

2020-06-15 — Thoughts about Zettelkästen

2020-06-08 — Random Labyrinth

2020-06-04 — My Server Setup with NixOS

(last updated: 2021-01-20)

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For commends and suggestions feel free to send an email to ''. I can understand and respond to emails in English and German.

I can also be found on the #gemini room on the IRC network. I go by the handle «dkibi» there.


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