Updated Gemserv Setup

This is a follow up on my previous gemlog where I described my setup of `gemserv` on NixOS.

2020-06-04 My Server Setup with NixOS

The other day int 80h reached out to me to let me know that Cargo.lock is now part of the repository. I took this as an opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of `gemserv`. Unfortunately I couldn't completely avoid patching.

First my updated derivation:

I also removed the the Let's Encrypt setup and moved the certificates to a fixed location. My plan is to switch to a self signed certificate as soon as the old one expires. There is currently a still ongoing debate about best practices. I will see what I have to do when it's time to update. My configuration now looks like this:


When building this configuration I got "attributes are not yet allowed on `if` expressions" errors. I suspect that the rust compiler in NixOS stable (rustc-1.43.0) is not recent enough. The attribute in question is concerns the presence of the cgi option. Since I want to use cgi anyway I just removed the annotation. Hence, the patch is:

An alternative would be to use some overlay to get the latest rust compiler, but I'm not a big fan of adding third party repositories.

I'm reachable at 'gemini@otrn.org'.

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