Request for Suggestions: Terminal Games

I tend to keep an SSH (or rather: mosh) connection to a small server open most of the time. Mostly for IRC and whatever else comes up (those days often a Gemini client ^^).

Sometimes, I think it would be nice to add a game to this mix. I'm writing this on a train ride and while the internet is very spotty, mosh works flawless. I also like the idea of having a game run in the background with the ability to walk away from it whenever I want.

Nethack seems like the obvious choice, but its complexity is daunting. Other rouge-likes seem more beginner friendly, but a surprising number of them use their own "terminal" i.e. one can not just run them inside a screen session. Sometimes the terminal version is the more primitive variant and sticking with it makes an already hard to a approach game even less approachable.

If you have a good suggestion I would be happy to either get it as email to '' or read about it on your gemlog.

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