A Few Month With Gemini

I setup this capsule a few month ago. Now -- with the year counter just incremented -- I think its worthwhile to write down my thoughts.

This is harder then I expected. Overall, I had a lot of fun in the gemini-verse. I enjoyed toying around with the various clients and tools that resulted from the explosion of activity. Another, unexpected joy is receiving suggestions and comments by EMail, even for older gemlog entries. In fact, just when I started to think about writing this gemlog entry about my grievances with gemini such an EMail arrived and reminded me what joy gemini can be.

But now I spoiled it: I'm not happy with all. When I started, I expected to aimlessly brows from capsule to capsule; to find odd experiments and great ascii art. This hasn't really manifested. I'm not quite sure why. I think, it's mainly because I didn't know of any good way to aimlessly explore the gemini space. I used CAPCOM and the other aggregators, but those mostly point to gemlogs. Since a few days I know of LEO, a webring for gemini. Going round the webring lead to quite a bit of the exploration I was looking for. I now also added my capsule to LEO.

As for the weird experiments: there might just not yet be many out there. Maybe more pop up over time.

I also did not find myself participating in the community as much as I thought I would. For me, the mailing list is overwhelming and I also only occasionally find myself participating in IRC discussions. While this is secondary to gemini, it still makes me a bit unhappy.

Nevertheless, lets see what comes up. I have my own little gemini project simmering somewhere. It will be finished at some point. And with LEO I might end up jumping from capsule to capsule during a few late nights.

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