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Hello, this text is a reply to prx reply about "what if the internet stops".

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I think your biggest concern in regards to Internet is the way Capitalism turned it into a consumer friendly media instead of helping users to be creative. The same way I like TV broadcast technology but it only turned into broadcasting "watch bait" shows (this whould be click bait for the Internet) to display ads to watchers in between.

Computers are versatile programmable tools and are amazing but it's a join effort from both software developers and users to make this useful and not a cash machine.

Libre software, Wikipedia and Openstreetmap are good examples of what community collaboration can achieve. There are electronic and bio hackers (I don't know much these communities) but some people work hard to bring easy access to exoskeleton or prothesis for disabled people.

Open Insulin project

Alice Exo Skeleton

The entry barrier to join "the Internet" is low so everyone of good will and good faith can help making the world better. There are not only GAFAM consumers over there.

My biggest concerns with the Internet is not computers but smartphones, it is the best locking device to control users and it's so unpractical in many ways that it's a consumer only device. You can read or watch videos, but you can't really create anything on it: music recording, video editing, programming, writing texts. Capitalism is exploiting this as much as they can. If your users can't produce, you need producers like "influencers" that will become stars and good marketing tools.

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