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2021-07-15 To add until ready or to remove until ready?

2021-07-15 atbags last, you know

2021-07-05 Does portability worth it?

2021-06-23 Reformatting gemini text

2021-06-08 On semantic linefeeds

2021-05-17 Reviewing bookmarks -- empty(1)

2021-05-12 Into the unknown (part 1)

2021-05-11 Descending into the unknown (part 0)

2021-04-18 On configuration files (part 3)

2021-04-10 On configuration files (part 2)

2021-03-18 On configuration files (part 1)

2021-02-04 Confession of an apostate

2021-02-03 My take on language server protocol

2021-01-19 Elephant in the room

2021-01-17 Better link-time garbage collection

2020-11-28 AWS API is designed to be NOT used

2020-11-24 About temporary files

2020-06-10 About notifying parent process

2020-04-12 Debian discourse

2020-03-27 Compiling C to FASM

2020-02-29 Embrace the bazaar

2020-02-14 Managing system files with Nix

2020-01-22 About single-user Nix installation

2019-12-28 Tragedy in Debian, my tragedy

2019-09-05 Subject: life changed, Debian affected

2019-09-05 Бегите, глупцы (lang=ru)

2019-07-26 On virtual microphones

2019-04-22 On hackability

2019-04-16 Not eternal, not September

2019-03-18 No more parsing

2018-11-23 Filtering email with filter(1)

2018-10-22 Learning Rust language

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