Welcome to my pink gemini capsule. My nickname here is Mosi, I like making pictures with a camera, playing (badly) chess and learning new things about computers and programming.

The idea of a pink colored capsule is funny, isn't it?

I a not very sure about the idea of the Gemini protocol, I appreciate that the syntax is simpler than gopher but the TLS stuff... Also having to write reaaaally long lines to keep them in the same paragraph doesn't suit me.

Anyway, I don't know if I would be able to add interesting content here, I will try.

Spanish translation of an article from Slashdot.

Let me point you to some resources I maintain now.

El Topo Empecinado a gopher in Spanish in sdfeu.org

Kind of a photoblog (Spanish and Javascript needed, sorry)

Some of my latest pictures.

Other references

Up to pink gemini server.

Write me something to mosi@tilde.pink, will you?

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