Silas S. Brown's Gemini capsule

Hi, I'm a partially-sighted computer scientist at Cambridge University in the UK. I come from rural West Dorset on the South-West peninsula of England. I play the flute and I've been learning Chinese slowly since about the beginning of the century.

This Gemini capsule is currently mirrored on both and because I was using it to compare the configurations of these servers with respect to language tagging (I have both English and Chinese on my pages), see Issue 23 in the molly-brown server repository. The addresses of this capsule are gemini:// and gemini://

molly-brown issue 23

Pages I've put into Gemini format so far:

Advantages of dark backgrounds on computer displays

Blocking Russia from my website

Common problems adding pinyin to Chinese names

Connecting to a Psion PDA

Converting imp/kWh to watts

Coping with exam stress (Chinese + English)

Cortical visual impairment

Current-transformer "energy monitors"

Getty Images copied my words

"Hedgehog" magnifier

How to deal with "rate us" boxes on Android etc

How my Sina Weibo account was stolen

If We Only Understood poem

Instructions for F95B fan

Is the PH Corpus really public domain?

“Legal name fraud” nothing to worry about

LINE limitations

Loophole in Microsoft YaHei font license?

Magnetic field physics: is your phone charger really killing you?

Manually removing Windows “adware” with race conditions

Manuscript Writer music program

Removing Android “Clean Master” malware

Satellite navigation devices that do not require Windows

Screenshotting Chinese Web documents for WeChat

Shower-head water filter tested

Software patents and mental health

Spare processor cycles

The AI Misnomer (Chinese + English)

Volume settings for unpowered speakers

Anatomy of a shady advertising network

Why Wi-Fi routers should be left switched on

Recent GitHub commits

Please also feel free to browse my Web home page (on HTTP or HTTPS, whichever you prefer) which is 'old-school' lightweight HTML, although it does have a bit more formatting than Gemini (in particular I do use emphasis tags in places, which don't seem to port well to Gemini): I still have quite a few HTML pages that are harder to port to Gemini.

My Web home page

My website's full sitemap page

My Chinese home page

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