I write stories (mostly fanfiction). Here, you can read some of my works.

Elixirs and Potions

Status: Complete

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Zero's been a mercenary for a long time. During this time, he's obtained many a

potion. Whether he made it himself or got it as payment for a mission, Zero has

plenty of elixirs. Maybe, Amy could convince him of her plight?


Amy gets a love potion from Zero and tries to use it on Sonic. The potion works

when it is in effect, but will Sonic be able to forgive her for manipulating him

once it wears off?

Infinite Possibilities

Status: Complete

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Infinite- or should I say, Zero- is stranded. Ruby-less and in the middle of a

Resistance stronghold, he will do whatever it takes to survive.

Sonic, meanwhile, goes for a run down his favorite forest trail when he notices

a seemingly new section of the trail that wasn't there a while ago. He follows

the new trail, even if he's never been this deep in the forest before...

They were destined to meet. But will Sonic be able to forgive Zero for what

Infinite did? Will Zero be able to forgive himself for what Infinite did?

Assorted Oneshots

Status: Ongoing

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Some assorted oneshots in the Sonic continuity.

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