I Got Myself Two PDAs! And It's Not All Sunshine Yet

I found an online auction where someone was selling two different models of the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC and one dock. Only one of them fits in the dock, meaning the other one can't be charged sadly. The connector is the same, and shape of the devices is the same. It's just that one of them has a synchronization port that a big extra pin on the dock fits into. I've briefly entertained the idea of just drilling a hole at the corresponding place in the other one, but we'll see.

Oh! I also got some interesting cases for them. One includes a memory expansion slot and the other a display protection. And I got a GPS module that goes into the expansion slot.

The one I can't charge has an SD card insertion slot, too.

Here's the funniest part: the one I can charge (and start) is in German. I tried changing it, but the kicker is that it's only possible to change stuff like currency and how time is displayed. After some web searching I've concluded that the language is included in the ROM, and even trying to re-flash it fails for those who've tried.

Once upon a time I was almost fluent in German, and I've been wishing I got it back. I guess this is a sign of some sort 😄

The instruction manual (also in German) isn't entirely ineligible to me, anyhow.

This'll be an interesting journey!

-- CC0 ew0k, 2021-10-21

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